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Roos-N-More Zoo is the home that Jay, Valerie, Zach, and Hailey Holt share with over 160 animals. They never started with the intention of becoming a zoo, but as the population of animals increased so did their desire to share them with others.

Jay and Valerie are both Veterinarians who own and operate Roos-N-More Zoo. When they graduated from LSU Veterinarian School, Jay had dreams of becoming a surgeon and Valerie wanted to work in a Zoo. Plans have a way of changing and soon they were parents of two children and running a busy veterinary practice.

In 2002, a Bennett's Wallaby joey named Pogo joined the family and Valerie caught "Roo Fever". Before long, they needed to think about a bigger place to live. One thing lead to another and in 2006 they relocated to Moapa, Nevada with a mob of 15 kangaroos and wallabies.

Soon they wanted animals that they never knew existed. Valerie was drawn to discovering and learning about uncommon species and wanted to share everything she learned. Soon after, their animal collection grew to a size they never could have imagined.

The zoo is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that offers visitors an ed-zoo-cational experience. We believe in conservation through education and hope that the up-close and personal encounters with our animal ambassadors will inspire people to help save their wild counterparts. We are accredited by the Zoological Association of America and are dedicated to making sure our animals are as happy and healthy as they can possibly be.

Roos-N-More is still a work in progress, but we are so proud of what we have accomplished.

"I have fulfilled my dream. I was unable to bring the veterinarian to the zoo so I brought the zoo to the veterinarian."

-Valerie Holt

Roos'n More Zoo-Moapa, NV Services

  • On Site Parties
  • Private Tours
  • Zoo to You
  • School Program

Open Zoo Days

Remember, we’re a non-profit organization so we can’t open everyday of the week. Click here for the Calendar for Roos'n More to see Open Zoo Days and schedule your visit. You are welcome to explore on your own and our animals will be there to meet you! If you don’t see a date that works for you, you can schedule a two-hour private tour. Hurry before we book up!

Roos'n More Zoo-Moapa, NVNew at Roos:

Walk with the otters
Roos-N-More Zoo is the only place where you can walk with otters. Book your unforgettable experience today!

Did you know?

There are over 100 different species of lemur and all are found only on the island of Madagascar. We have four different kinds at Roos-N-More.


Roos-N-More is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) charitable organization that supports animals of Roos-N-More Zoo. The focus of our facility is to provide a loving quality environment for all of our animals. The animals assist in this process by allowing us to share them with others and promote conservation through education. In addition to providing a permanent home for over 150 animals; we also rescue, rehabilitate, and relocate animals to other suitable facilities when their needs cannot be met here with us.

We work solely on donations from other animal lovers. Please help us continue to make a difference by supporting our work. All donations to Roos-N-More go directly to help the animals. Donations are used to purchase necessary food and supplies, provide toys for enrichment, or repair, improve, or expand habitats. Your tax-free donations are greatly appreciated.

Roos'n More Zoo-Moapa, NVSponsor an Animal

You can choose your favorite Roos-N-More animals and help meet their needs by sponsoring them. All donations will go towards food, toys, habitat, and care for the animal of your choice. People who donate more than $20 will receive a picture of the animal they contribute to as well as other goodies.

Meet the animals you can help by clicking here and choosing your animal!

One-Time Donations

Make a one-time donation of your choice. Every dollar helps.

Roos Wish list

If you can't make a financial donation but still want to help or if you have extra supplies lying around, you can bring any of the following items to your next zoo visit and make a difference. Anything is greatly appreciated.

1. Gas Cards
2. Tilapia Filets
3. Frozen Seafood Mix
4. Lobster
5. Dried Fruit
6. Lumber/Home Improvement Cards
7. Zip Ties
8. Paper Towels
9. Baby Toys
10. Towels
11. Straw, Shaving
12. Pee Pads
13. Simple Green/Bleach
14. Gently Used Animal Toys
15. Pocket/Utility Knives
16. Pet Store Gift Cards
17. Feed and Track Supplies



Roos'n More
746 Snowden Ranch Road 
Moapa Town, NV 89025

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Please visit the Roos'n More Website for more information, photos, videos, calendar of open zoo days, volunteer opportunities, and more!


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