Vegas Valley 4 Wheelers

Vegas Valley 4 Wheelers

Vegas Valley 4 Wheelers (VV4W) was created over 33 years ago, making us the oldest 501(c)(3) nonprofit off-roading club, and today boasts over 120 members and their families. Members come together to take their 4×4’s out on the many trails around Vegas and surrounding areas. Most runs are arranged by an individual club member, but […]

Moapa Valley Recreation Center

Moapa Valley Recreation Center is located in Overton, NV and is part of Clark County Recreation, providing services and programs for kids and adults

Moapa Valley National Wildlife Refuge

Moapa Valley National Wildlife Refuge

The Moapa Valley National Wildlife Refuge was established on September 10, 1979, to secure habitat for the endangered Moapa dace, a small fish endemic to the headwaters of the Muddy River system. Dace populations were in peril due to habitat destruction and modification. Competition with introduced species such as mosquitofish, shortfin molly, and tilapia also contributed […]

Overton Wildlife Management Area


Overton Wildlife Management Area Overton Wildlife Management Area is one of Nevada’s state-owned Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs) and is home to many resident and migratory birds and mammals. Found throughout the state, the public can generally drive to a WMA in less than two hours from the major population centers and find great access to […]

St. Thomas Ghost Town


St. Thomas Overton NV St. Thomas was a pioneer settlement starting in 1865, located approximately 7 miles southeast of Overton, NV, inside the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. It was flooded over in 1938 with the construction of the Hoover Dam. Because of the decreasing water levels of Lake Mead in recent years, the water […]