Mack Lyon Middle School

Mack Lyon Middle School is located in Overton, NV, is part of the Clark County School System, and serves grades 6-8 W. Mack Lyon Middle School is a 10-year-old school in a 50+ year-old facility. It is located in a rural area with strong parent and community involvement. A modernization project supported by the 1994 … Read more

Moapa Valley High School

Moapa Valley High School is located in Logandale, NV, is part of the Clark County School District, and serves grades 9-12.


CSN College of Southern Nevada Community College

College of Southern Nevada CSN, Community CollegeĀ  for Moapa Valley and Mesquite. The CSN Moapa Valley Center is conveniently located on the Moapa Valley High School campus in Logandale. The Center provides services for Logandale, Overton, Moapa, Glendale and Warm Springs residents. The Moapa Valley Center works directly with all of the Campuses to provide … Read more

Permanent Learning Solutions

Permanent Learning Solutions We at Permanent Learning Solutions PLS believe that everyone has the potential to be a successful learner. Through the use of scientifically proven physical and mental exercises, we build and connect the neurological pathways in the brain, thus closing the gap between teaching and learning. We are dedicated to the fight for … Read more