Vegas Valley Four Wheelers (VV4W) was created over 33 years ago, making us the oldest 501(c)(3) nonprofit off-roading club, and today boasts over 120 members and their families. Members come together to take their 4×4’s out on the many trails around Vegas and surrounding areas. Most runs are arranged by an individual club member, but we also have an annual club event designed to attract out-of-state 4×4’ers, and it’s called the Hump ‘N’ Bump. It is held in Logandale, Nevada, which is approx 45 miles outside of Las Vegas. The dates for this event normally fall on the 1st weekend of November each year.

We also do our part for the community, including working with Partners in Conservation, Blue Ribbon Coalition, Utah Public Lands (UPLA), Treadlighty, BLM, and US Forestry Service.

Treading Lightly

Treading lightly on the off-road trails of our area and the surrounding areas to ensure open areas for off-roading for generations to come.

Community Sponsors

Bringing the full-size off-road community together to wheel in a place where everyone feels comfortable.

Trails and Trail Ratings

Vegas Valley 4 Wheelers is committed to helping you find OHV-friendly places to wheel. Although many of the areas within the Las Vegas Valley are closed to OHV, the surrounding areas outside of the Valley offer us some amazing trails. We’ve compiled a list of places to play throughout Nevada, Arizona, Utah, and California, and are working on bringing you more trail information as it becomes available.

We work closely with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and US Forestry Services to keep the club updated on what areas are available to wheel, and which ones are off-limits.