Logandale Trails History


Logandale Trails is a multi-use trail system that consists of well marked trails, restrooms, information kiosks, and primitive camping. It encompasses over twenty-one thousand acres

Logandale Trails


Logandale Trails is Moapa Valley’s version of Red Rocks west of Vegas—only MUCH better!  Why?  Because Logandale Trails is a true multiple-use area allowing recreationalists ample opportunity to ‘do their thing’! 

OHV Use Moapa Valley

In March 2015, the Clark County Commissioners passed an ordinance designating Moapa Valley as an OHV (Off Highway Vehicle) Friendly Community. This ordinance was passed after years of hard work between individual volunteers, and local, county, state and federal government entities. Since this is a brand new designation, we do not yet have all the details to share. However, as more information becomes available, we will publish it here.

PIC To Be Site Steward For Logandale Trails


After nearly six years in the works, local non-profit organization Partners in Conservation (PIC) is celebrating its new role as site steward of the Logandale Trails area