Logandale Trails

Logandale Trails is Moapa Valley’s version of Red Rocks west of Vegas---only MUCH better!  Why?  Because Logandale Trails is a true multiple-use area allowing recreationalists ample opportunity to ‘do their thing’! 

Article and photos from Elise McAllister

This past 3-day weekend is a perfect example—200 marathon runners held a permitted event through the trails system; over 40 camps spread throughout Logan Wash; 10 plus equestrian riders trailered to ride amongst the glistening rocks and damp sand; several commercial tours guided visitors through the area; almost 30 jeeps from a Vegas group enjoyed rock crawling; too-many-to-count ATVs, RZRs (or side-by-sides), and dirt bikes to count as folks found their favorite dirt and played in it.  People also hiked, walked their dogs, kids climbed rocks, groups enjoyed picnicking, and, as always, photography is a popular activity.

Volunteers from the Moapa Valley Rotary Club rode throughout the area, visiting with folks, handing out maps and goodie bags with information from local businesses, and providing a friendly, helpful contact to all.

Logandale Trails is busy during the weekends with many visitors, which is beneficial to local businesses, but during the week, it is a local’s paradise.  Hardly a person out there and you feel like you have the place completely to yourself—cause you do!

That’s why Logandale Trails is so MUCH better than that other ‘red rock’!

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