Meet Moapa Valley

Moapa Valley is a special place with remarkable people. Our families, our friends, and our neighbors make up the community we call home. In new episodes of MVT’s video series, “Meet Moapa Valley,” we’re looking at more of the amazing people who live here.

Meet Judy and Ray. Meet Kyle. Meet Rick and Lori. Meet Erika and Moapa Valley REACH. Meet Gary and Vikki.

These are the people, like you, that make Moapa Valley a rich and vibrant place to live. Once again, we’re proud to share their stories, and to be part of yours.

Meet Judy and Sugar Metz

Sugar’s Homeplate has played a central role in connecting the community for almost 30 years. Judy and Ray “Sugar” Metz are the heart and soul behind this local institution that provides generous warmth, good food, and a lively, social place to meet.

Meet Sugar's Home Plate Restaurant

Judy and Ray “Sugar” Metz have created a notable institution in the heart of Moapa Valley. Take a tour of the restaurant, find out what goes on behind the scenes, and learn more about the extensive collection of sports memorabilia that Ray has collected over the years.

Meet Brian Rebman-MV Mortuary

Brian works with people in the most difficult times of life—when a loved one has died. Brian has never forgotten the care our community showed him, and he shows the same care and love to the families he works with.

Meet Kim & Walter

Kim and Walter teach music at Moapa Valley High School and Mack Lyon Middle School. They love working with students to foster their love of music and improve their musicality. They’ve been friends for years, and they’re both treasures to our community.

Meet Charlene

Charlene is the founder and owner of The Front Porch, which is so much more than a flower shop. Charlene’s passion for everything she does comes through in her personality, the delightful people she employs, and the atmosphere she creates.

Meet The Bledsoes

Growing anything in the Valley is a challenge. Laura and Monte Bledsoe make it look easy on their organic farm. Their delicious, nutritious food feeds our community and provides a gathering place for students, groups around the area, and more.