Meet Moapa Valley

Moapa Valley, as we all know, is home to special people — our community, our friends and our neighbors. Our local telecommunications provider, MVT, has put together a video series called “Meet Moapa Valley,” in which they are telling the stories of some of the wonderful people who live here. 

You’ll meet Kim and Walter, two local teachers. You’ll meet Charlene, who owns the Front Porch. You’ll meet local farmers, Laura and Monte Bledsoe. And you’ll meet Brian Rebman, who runs Moapa Valley Mortuary

View the first video below, and go to MVT’s Meet Moapa Valley Website to watch new videos. 

Meet Kim & Walter

Kim and Walter teach music at Moapa Valley High School and Mack Lyon Middle School. They love working with students to foster their love of music and improve their musicality. They’ve been friends for years, and they’re both treasures to our community.