Local Facebook Groups

Below we have included some Local Facebook Groups and Pages that are helpful to residents and visitors. Please keep in mind that for some of the groups/pages, you need to be a member to view/participate. Click on the Group/Page Names for more information.

A place to buy, sell, trade and alert pet owners regarding all animals of Moapa Valley. This is meant for all and won’t have guidelines per se. Please do all other business of selling on the many other Facebook groups. Thank you!

This group is for people in and around Moapa Valley to share any and all emergency information, traffic updates from Vegas to St. George, missing persons, missing or found animals, etc. Please include sources, locations, and times in your post. NO sales allowed!

Do you have things to sell but you don’t have time for a yard sale? Take pictures and upload them to the Moapa Valley Area Online Yard Sale. It’s a great way to make a little money, shop with your MV neighbors and get rid of things you don’t want. We will be adding people all the time!

Raising awareness in the Moapa Valley communities for Emergency Preparedness issues. Also a source of accurate information in emergency situations.

This is a group for families who choose the home education path, regardless of the specific curriculum or system you choose to use. Certainly there are many things that make us different, but more importantly there is MORE that makes us the same. For some insane reason, and maybe even against our better judgement, we have chosen to home school. We are following a path that we feel is right because it is right without knowing all the how’s and why’s.

This is the unofficial group for neighborhood watch. See something say something. Report thefts and suspicious activity to metro. I don’t want to bash people. The intent of this group is to come together and watch each other’s homes and property. Let’s unite to create real solutions.