2018 Moapa Valley Wide Yard Sale

Time: March 9, 2018 @ – March 9, 2018 @

The Annual Moapa Valley Wide Yard Sale will take place March 9-10,  2018 in Moapa Valley, NV.

This will be the 13th annual Moapa Valley Wide Yard Sale and each year gets bigger and better. With multiple yard sale locations throughout the valley, there is sure to be something for everyone.

In addition to yard sales at homes, several businesses and organizations host group yard sales at different locations, have sidewalk sales at their businesses, offer hot and cold beverages and baked goods, and many more exciting shopping opportunities.


Want to be listed on the map? Each listing is $15. You can submit a Yard Sale, Event or a Business!

1. Fill out the Yard Sale Form

2. Make Payment: After submitting your Yard Sale Location, you will receive a link to either pay online, or drop off a check or cash in Overton, NV


ONLINE: As we receive submissions for the 2018 Moapa Valley Wide Yard Sale, the Yard Sales will be posted on the Yard Sale Map.

MOAPA VALLEY PROGRESS: A printed version of the 2018 Moapa Valley Yard Sale Map will be included in the March 7, 2018 issue.